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5 minutes with … Tahira Payne

Meet the people who bring AbbVie’s Principles to life.

Tahira Payne, area director, site management & monitoring, research & development, AbbVie

AbbVie is made up of 30,000 employees across the world, contributing in diverse ways to one collective purpose. In this series, we take a closer look at some of the incredible people who embody our company's Principles. 

First up, a conversation with Tahira Payne, area director, site management & monitoring, research & development.

On what motivates her to come to work every day …

My amazing team and diverse set of colleagues. My organization consists of more than 500 people around the Americas (US, Canada, Latin America), full of diverse backgrounds, unique cultures and amazing stories. It’s the daily interaction with these talented people: their needs, their support, their jokes, that keep me motivated.

On AbbVie programs she feels are making a difference …

The various donations made to local public schools; the support provided to Puerto Rico during the recent devastation; this year’s newly created college scholarship funding for employees … these all make me extremely proud to be a part of this company.

On which AbbVie principle she finds to be the most meaningful and why …

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion. I have been amazed and humbled by teams embracing me, my ideas, my authentic self. I am accepted for who I am, a woman from a diverse background, and that is both freeing and extremely empowering.

On a long lineage of science & strength …

I've always been surrounded by strong women with scientific backgrounds. My mom has her Ph.D. in microbiology. And her closest female friends were immersed in the science field as well while I was growing up.

On finding work-life balance …

With 4-year old twin boys, home life can be quite chaotic, leaving very little time for my husband and me. We do have “date nights” as much as possible. But he also works at AbbVie and working together affords us the fun opportunity to sometimes have “lunch” dates. This allows for us to spend some time together as adults and have some adult conversations.

On 5 years working for AbbVie …

In the 5 years I have been at AbbVie, I’ve had the opportunity to be in a variety of different roles and guided by outstanding leaders. I have learned so much and continue to learn amazing things every day. I am surrounded by supportive colleagues and direct reports who inspire me to be a better leader. I am proud of our medicines, our philanthropy work and our dedication to helping patients.

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