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Beyond Chemotherapy: New Frontiers in Cancer Research

Scientists are studying new approaches and developing tools and technologies to bring forward new cancer treatments for patients.

Exploring New Paths

Researchers on the hunt for new ways of treating cancer have never seen a time with more opportunities to advance care for patients.

While radiation, chemotherapy and surgery remain central to many cancer regimens, new approaches and technologies take aim at more direct targeting of tumor cells, reactivate the body’s own defenses to fight the disease and combine many different approaches, with the singular goal of helping patients overcome cancer.

Here’s how researchers are forging ahead with their efforts to advance the science of cancer treatment.

Seeing Tumors More Clearly

What Do Tumors and Snowflakes Have in Common?
Advances in imaging technology are allowing scientists to visually map tumors, leading them to new disease targets and pathways for cancer treatment. Read more.

Targeting Tumors with Precision

How a Promising New Approach Attacks the Roots of Cancer
Scott Dylla, Ph.D., vice president of R&D for AbbVie Stemcentrx, talks about cancer stem cells, the root cells of tumors, and how targeting them may help destroy the tumor. Read more.

Targeting Direct Hits to Cancer Cells
Antibodies seek out specific proteins in the body. Toxic chemicals damage whatever is in their path. Linking them together in what is called an antibody drug conjugate could allow us to direct that damage straight into the intended tumor target, sparing healthy tissue. Read more.

When You Fight Disease with a One-Two Punch
Complex diseases like cancer can involve more than one disease paway. If a single medicine could selectively disrupt multiple pathways at once, what could it potentially mean for patients? We’re studying bispecifics to find out. Read more.

Enlisting the Immune System

Immunotherapy: A Conversation with Steve Davidsen and Diane Hollenbaugh
Cancer cells mask themselves so that they remain unseen by the body’s own defenses. With immunotherapies, cancer researchers are trying to wake up the immune system to recognize and fight cancer like the enemy it is. AbbVie’s Steve Davidsen, Ph.D., vice president of oncology discovery, and Diane Hollenbaugh, Ph.D., senior director, oncology biologics, discuss what we know so far. Read more.

Combining Approaches

New Ways to Treat Cancer: Combinations Could Change the Game
Gary Gordon, M.D., Ph.D., vice president of oncology development, AbbVie, shares his optimism around the potential for combination therapies in cancer. Read more.

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