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Handing a lifeline to medical workers during COVID-19

Throughout the pandemic, International Medical Corps has provided extra beds and medical staff to hospitals nationwide, with help from AbbVie

Volunteers from International Medical Corps meet within a temporary field hospital constructed at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, International Medical Corps rushed to assist hospitals buckling under high loads of coronavirus cases. Its fleet of additional healthcare workers, extra medical equipment, and mobile field hospitals have helped emergency departments nationwide expand their capacity to treat patients…and given exhausted healthcare workers the lifeline they needed.

An AbbVie donation has helped International Medical Corps construct 20 field hospitals from coast to coast, including areas with minority communities hit especially hard by the coronavirus. With the virus continuing to affect communities across the nation, International Medical Corps has vowed to continue using its funding to provide medical expertise, equipment, training, and triage and treatment services wherever the need is greatest.

Watch International Medical Corps leaders explain how their field hospitals are saving lives.

How an AbbVie donation helped International Medical Corps, the global humanitarian organization, construct 20 field hospitals from coast to coast during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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