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Things that make you go huh? Episode 1

In the pilot episode of our new podcast, our clueless host gets schooled on … how medicines are made.

Let’s face it: science can be hard.

Our host, Brett Hellman, former soap opera producer and current AbbVie employee, lacks any sort of scientific background and has recurring nightmares of his high school biology class. Now, he is tasked with talking to biopharmaceutical researchers about their work and translating it for the rest of us.

In each podcast episode, Brett will explore some of the toughest and most relevant topics in medical science. This may be, at times, an exercise in frustration for the scientist being interviewed, but listeners will be rewarded with a new understanding not only of science, but about the scientific community at large – with all pretenses stripped down.


Gummies & injections & capsules … Oh my!

We hear so much about how new drugs are discovered, but how exactly do they go from molecular form to drug delivery system? And who decides if a medicine comes in yummy gummy form, or in a pill? Brett just doesn’t get it.

In our pilot episode, chemical engineers Nancy Sever and Brian Anderson help Brett understand the intricacies of medication formation.

Our guest speakers


Nancy Sever joined Abbott/AbbVie in 2002 as research pharmacist in global pharmaceutical research and development (GPRD). She has held several positions at Abbott/AbbVie, including associate director in formulation sciences. Sever assumed her current role as chemistry manufacturing and control product development director in global program management, R&D, Lake County in 2014. Sever received a Ph.D. in chemical and biological engineering from University of Wisconsin – Madison and a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from Northwestern University.

Brian Anderson is the director of drug products for AbbVie’s operations science and technology organization. His department supports commercialization of new drug products from R&D, as well as maintenance and process/product improvements for marketed AbbVie brands. He holds a Ph.D. from Iowa State University and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, both in chemical engineering.

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